The Dracula Complex


CONCEPT AND DIRECTION Handmaids&Bretschneider,
A PLAY BY Ulrike Langenbein, Marie Bretschneider, Florian Hawemann
WITH Ulrike Langenbein, Marie Bretschneider
SET DESIGN AND PUPPETS Studio Langenbein&Waldmüller
ASSISTENT Margit Langenbein
MUSIC Benjamin Reber und Björn Leese

PREMIERE November 2015 Berlin

A PRODUCTION BY Handmaids in co-production with Puppentheater Halle, FITZ! Stuttgart. Funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste, Amt für Kunst und Kultur Berlin

Puppentheater Halle

The Dracula Complex

by HANDMAIDS&Bretschneider

A modern folk play about IDENTITY, CONSCIENCE and FAITH - and the corruptibility of man embedded in the romanticism of home, between traditional costumes and everyday dreariness

HOME is ... the mountains, the meadows, the valleys and in the middle of it is a beautiful small place, right next to Römersdorf. There were our flowers bloom, where the people know each other and speak the same language. In a nutshell: it´s paradise.

But the paradise is in danger, dark forces are set to destroy this handmade peace. Slowly something dark permeates through the walls and doors, hunting the fleeing like a black wolf, hovering like a bat in the rooms of the sleeping and turning even the days into nightmares.
Who has bitten whom? And where has it gone, the beloved home? When Dracula personally stops by and asks, “What is home worth to you anyway?” it’s make or break…

“The Dracula Complex” is a social expedition into the depths of the place you long for: home



“With the fabel -The Dracula Complex - the duo HANDMAIDS&Bretschneider has conceived an ironic-clever play about love for one’s native country, fear of foreigners, progress, power and stupidity. Ulrike Langenbein and Marie Bretschneider have playfully broken down the feeling of global threat to a local level and knitted it into an equally thought-provoking and entertaining puppet show for adults. The step from bourgeois to refugee takes as long as it takes to strike a match.” (Esslinger Zeitung, 20.02.2016)

“Bar, dirndl, mayor - the idyll personified so to say. HANDMAIDS&Bretschneider sketch the idyll home with a few prominent strokes. A stage performance that deals with the vanishing of home, with the fear of what occurs outside the door - sometimes ironic, sometimes serious, and at times bizarre.”  

“A dense evening, a refreshing play full of life, approaching current phenomena in a quiet yet insistent way, without adopting the excitement. It offers a subtle look into the emotional world of surreal fear. (Ludwigsburger Zeitung, 20.02.2016)